Monday, October 19, 2020

Shop Online at Museum Stores - Our Recommendations

If you're like many people I know, when you head out to a museum, you spend more time in the store than the galleries. I get it. Museum stores rock.  Did you know that Dunitz & Company is a member of Museum Store Association. We're so proud to have our fair trade jewelry offered at so many museums. Did you know many museums depend on the revenue they earn from their stores to maintain their galleries and sustain their programming? You can only imagine how Covid19 has raised havoc on our cultural institutions revenue streams. But wait, many have on-line stores. And some even sell Dunitz & Company online. Why not support some of your favorite museums this season remotely. Here are some terrific online stores we can vouch for.


Van Gogh Banks of Oise at Auvers
Detroit Institute of Art
DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS - This one's for the home team. I grew up in Detroit, so I'm a bit partial to this wonderful museum. And their online store is exquisite. Of course, what I'm most excited about is all of their custom earrings that were made by Dunitz & Company.  You'll find wonderful dangles & studs showing off paintings from their collections. Definitely browse their site. I'm thinking you might fall in love with Van Gogh's Bank of the Oise at Auvers.



Corning Museum of Glass
CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS - If you have visited the Corning Museum's gift shops, there's a good chance you've left with a piece of Dunitz & Company's jewelry. The museum is awesome and they've been a long time loyal customer of ours. Our jewelry is not currently sold on their website. But, you'll find so many other wonderful things. I think this website will be a great resource for holiday shopping.

Dunitz Fair Trade Earrings
Virginia Museum of Fine Art
VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - In store, you'll find so many cool Dunitz designs including these embroidered earrings shown here. Yeah, I snagged this image from their Instagram account. Their photography is awesome. From the comfort of your own lounge chair, check out their website. We are really impressed with their selection of puzzles. Those always make for great gifts and family gatherings.



Seurat Art Earrings
Phoenix Art Museum
PHOENIX ART MUSEUM - I'm thrilled the Phoenix Art Museum has been selling our famous art image earrings over and over.  And you will be too because you'll find them on their website! Seurat. Van Gogh. Utamaro. Log into this museum's website and find them all. Looking for something else? No problem. They have a host of amazing gifts for you to select from.





Dunitz Art Image Earrings
Peoria Riverfront Museum

PEORIA RIVERFRONT MUSEUM  - If you're in the Peoria area, check out Peoria Riverfront Museum. This image of our famous art earrings was snagged from their Instagram account.  They aren't selling these on their website at this time.  Maybe they'll offer these online soon. When they do, I'll update this blog post. In the meantime, I've spotted some great gifts you can purchase from their web store from the comfort of your home.






Dennos Museum Center
DENNOS MUSEUM CENTER - I'm dreaming those displays in this pic (borrowed from the Dennos website) are filled with Dunitz & Company's glass earrings. If you visit this museum, definitely check out their gift store. In the meantime, you can go shopping at their online store. This museum is THE place to go if you are interested in Inuit art. (When I was in college at University of Michigan, I took a seminar on Inuit sculpture and prints. This museum exhibits and sells the real deal.)



Museum of New Mexico Shops
MUSEUM OF NEW MEXICO SHOPS   - Heading to Santa Fe? If you are, I'm guessing you'll be visiting all of the local museums and their gift shops. While there, I'm certain you'll spot Dunitz & Company's bead, glass and art image earrings in the gift stores. Are you currently on the other side of the USA? Then be an armchair shopper and check out their online store.



Cummer Museum
CUMMER MUSEUM - I cut & pasted this pic from the Cummer's website. I sure hope some of those displays are showing off  Dunitz & Company jewelry. The Cummer tends to sell different things from us each season depending on what exhibition they have going on. Recently they've been successful selling our glass earrings. Not in their area, they do have a website to tease you with.



Dunitz & Company Musical Studs
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
SONOMA VALLEY MUSEUM OF ART  - I love it when I'm surprised with ingenuity. For this blog post, I checked out many websites of  museum stores that sell our jewelry. Many have great stores online, but aren't yet selling our jewelry online. (I'm going to have to work on that!) But today's discovery resulted in new merchandising of earrings I sell.  How fun is this? When I sold these musical instrument studs to Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, I shipped them in sets. And look what they did. They made mis-matched pairs. That's so fun. Instead of two classical guitars or two electric guitars - you'll get one of each. Seeing this made me grin, big.



Dunitz fair trade jewelry
Los Altos History Museum
LOS ALTOS HISTORY MUSEUM - I had no idea that the Los Altos History Museum was selling online until I checked out their website this week. And I was absolutely thrilled to learn they are offering Dunitz & Company jewelry on their site. Looking for some steals and deals? This shop will be the ace in your pocket for gift purchases.




10 Museum Stores online
A Perfect Pin

So you can't make it to your local museum this season? You're not traveling out of town to check out others? Covid19 has you down? (I totally understand!)  Perhaps you'll enjoy shopping these online museum stores for some of your holiday gifts. Why shop Amazon, when you can make purchases that WILL make a difference? These institutions depend on us.

This just in from Museum Store Sunday today 10/22/2020. They've compiled this list of even more museum stores you can visit online.

Me? My next job is to check in with the buyers from these sites I've listed above that aren't selling Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry online. My color charts are ready. -ND