Monday, August 17, 2020

We Know You Love Blue - Why Not Own Fair Trade Blue?

If you've read some of my blog posts before, you will hear me spout time and time again that blue is the best selling color for Dunitz & Company.  We love blue. And we know most of you do too. It doesn't matter what shade of blue. Just visit your local paint store and check out all of the chips. Any shade or tint will do. And I know if I use these colors in my jewelry designs, many customers will be blissfully happy.  Recently I've posted a couple of Instagram stories asking folks if "blue was their favorite color." And consistently 50% answered YES. That's a convincing stat.

It only made sense when a few of my Fair Trade Federation colleagues and I decided to collaborate and preach colors, I should select blue.  So my question to you is - "Why not fair trade blue?"  Check out this little gift guide below showing off beautiful blue items from around our globe. See something you love? Snag it and support fair trade. Every purchase makes a difference in the lives of artisans struggling to make it. And heck, sometimes I think I'm struggling to make it too. Fair Trade is not charity. In order to work, everyone from top to bottom, from producing to selling needs to earn living wages.

So here I go. Check out these fabulous ethically made blue items.

Dunitz blue beaded dropsBead Teardrop Earrings $20 - These are from Dunitz & Company and handcrafted in Guatemala.  I had to put one of my designs first, didn't I? And one of the reasons I started with these, is I know just how loved this style is. It's evergreen - or in this case everblue!  I designed it many years ago, and every season create new color combinations. And in blue, yes yes yes!

Zulu Basket Desk Set $119 - Four beautifully created and predominantly blue wire baskets could look swell on your desk. The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and are known for their skill and artistry in fashioning baskets. Baskets of Africa collaborates with these artisans to bring you these fabulous pieces.

Handwoven Silk & Ikat Scarf $45 - I can vouch for the beauty of these scarves brought to market by Hoon Arts from Uzbekistan. I've personally spent a lot of time touching these pretties, and they are niiiiiiice. (Yes, I meant for all of those iiiiiiii's.) If you're a textile person, you'll totally dig the beautiful ikat work. And if you love blue, this piece should be in your lane.

Ashani Hand Woven Poncho Was $69, snag it now for $49 - Now this is my sort of blue. And these ponchos from Sevya are made by master weavers in India with a special jacquard weave and handmade tassels.  These pieces are even hand-stitched at the side. You'll feel so special when you wear yours.

Like the look, but prefer scarves?

Sarvani Scarf  Was $55, now $39 - You can purchase these beauties that are created with the very same woven fabric as the poncho I featured above. A number of highly skilled artisans are involved in the making of each scarf; from spinning the yarn to setting the loom barrels, weaving, and making the tassels. And another fun fact, no electricity is used at any stage of production. Do you need to know more? Click to the Sevya website.

blue necklace from Dunitz & Company
Glass Bib Necklace & Teardrop Earrings $48 and $20 - Cobalt blue with aqua. Can you think of a better water color combo?  This fused glass comes from Guatemala and is crafted by artisans outside of Guatemala City.  These come from Dunitz & Company (that's me) and come from a collection I began designing with artisans in 2011. Because it is so different from our beadwork, I named this collection Joanie M to honor my mother. Want the cuff featured on the model. Only $28. Click this link for the bracelet.

Sterling Silver & Turquoise Earrings $90 - Rikki from HoonArts is one of the only fair traders collaborating and working with artisans in Central Asia. It's just not easy to get there! She is proud to bring you the work of Zhanyl Sharshembieva, a master silversmith from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. And what could be more perfect that silver and turquoise blue?

Shallow Bowl $45 - It's tough to tell from this photo, but this piece has a diameter of 8.25" and a height of 1.5". That's a lot of weaving skill for a very reasonable fare.  Did I mention before that these baskets are crafted with telephone wire originally found in South African scrap yards. Each is one-of-a-kind. The inventory on Basket of Africa's site is constantly changing. If you see something you love, go for it. It might not be there tomorrow.

Devaki Tunic $69 - You'll be styling in this blue tunic. Many hands touch each piece from start to finish. Fabric is first made using an ancient block printing technique. And then these tops are beautifully embroidered by skilled women. (Look at the pic to the right.) Sevya has been orchestrating amazing works in India, for you to enjoy here.

Van Gogh Starry Night
Starry Night Earrings $15 - I am convinced that Starry Night is the most loved painting in the whole wide world. And perhaps that's because it's predominantly blue. Or maybe it's just that Van Gogh was an amazing painter. Just the same, these earrings from Dunitz & Company make an incredible and affordable gift. As with all of Dunitz designs, these are made in Guatemala.

Fair Trade Designs in Blue
Styling In Blue Pin
So there you have it my 'crazy for blue' friends. Lots of choices in blue. in many different price points, from many places around our globe and all fair trade verified. Sounds like a win-win. If Dunitz & Company's experiences with color are any indication, you and your loved ones will totally dig any of these blue selections. -ND