Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Black Clothing. An Opportunity for Accessories.

Once again, I'm scheming for Dunitz & Company and working out colors for our next season of fair trade jewelry. Currently, I'm obsessing about Fall 2020. Last year it seemed many of the biggest clothing designers incorporated lots of color into their designs.  This year, I'm finding many are playing it safe.  When checking out all of the runway shows, I saw fields of models in black clothing strutting their stuff. All of 'em. Check out samplings from Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Lanvin, Elie Saab, Altuzarra and Alexander McQueen. You could randomly take a peek at just about any show from Fall 2002 Ready to Wear and New York Fashion Week. You'll find a lot of black. (Red probably was the color that popped up the most, and mostly as an accent.) What does this mean for accessories? Just about anything looks good on black! It means I can offer any gorgeous color I darn well please.

I always create new color combinations to keep things interesting. (Stay tuned.) I do this as much for my customers as I do it for myself.  I also know from creating color combinations for over 30 years, sometimes you can't improve on your best. You can count on Dunitz & Company to offer some of our strongest from the past.  The assortment might include some of these pictured. (A little hint.) Do you have a favorite? I'm always game for input. Yes, we'll offer a bit of red for Fall 2020. (Shades and tints to be determined.) And you can always count many varieties of blue. You've heard me say it before. I'll say it again and again. Blue is always a top seller and most requested of us.

Can you believe I'm even writing about Fall 2020 when many of us are waiting for the snow to melt?  I have to be a few steps ahead, always. Keep reading and watching our websites. We appreciate you over here at Dunitz & Company. Thank you.  Because of you, we can continue to support the many artisans we work with in Guatemala. -ND