Monday, April 29, 2019

Fall 2019 Fashion - Purple Makes A Comeback

Fall 2019 - Purple Reigns
I'm thinking about Dunitz & Company's Fall 2019 fair trade jewelry collection. We're busy finalizing our newest designs and colors for our summer launch. Trust me, I can't reveal much now. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that "purple is making a comeback." It doesn't matter what season it is or what famous runway designers dictate as on-trend, for some women, purple always reigns. This season, everyone will be in the act. From the likes of Derek Lam, Sally Lapointe and Tom Ford, trust me many of you will be strutting your stuff next winter in shades of purple. I absolutely know it.

So girls, start scouring your closet for your purple sweaters and skirts from years past. And if you can't scavenge enough oldies and goodies to create a 'new again' purple look, check out your local thrift store. Sure, you can always buy something new from Jill Stuart or Kate Spade's collection. Dunitz & Company will be ready to adorn you with fair trade jewelry in shades of orchid and plum.

Dunitz Fair Trade Jewelry
Not yet. I won't share with you my new color combinations for Fall. I just want to tease you. In season's past, I typically have one shade that includes some hint of purple. Fall 2019 will anoint you with more of it. Sometime I re-launch best selling colors from the past. Most seasons I tweak combos of the past and offer new ones. Color variations of these earrings may be in our lineup.

Modeling Purple
So stay tuned. Time seems to pass so quickly. Summer will be here soon. And then, and only then we'll reveal our latest fair trade jewelry looks and colors. And you can be sure our models will be doing the same. -ND