Saturday, December 1, 2018

Etsy Finds - Loved & Tested

You all know Dunitz & Company sells fair trade jewelry and kippot. I often write about the fair trade aspects of what I do. What I may not focus on enough is that our line is all handmade. We love handmade. I love handmade. I love supporting makers from the USA and other faraway places. Dunitz sells on Etsy. And I also believe in supporting other artists selling on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorites, not in any particular order. They might be your next favorite too!

1. JANELLE SONGER'S CERAMICS - I'm crazy for Janelle's ceramics. She is so talented. I discovered her years ago on Etsy and purchased a vase from her (as an Etsy guest) for a wedding gift. Soon after, I learned my niece, Helen Gotlib, also an artist, was acquainted with Janelle. Small world. Then again, they both live in Michigan, from where I originally come. I have a couple of Janelle's pieces in my home. The cup shown here, a gift from Helen, is now my favorite piece in my bathroom. I started using it to conserve water while brushing my teeth. (Don’t let that water run endlessly!)

2. IZEPH DELIGHTS, ISAIAH JOSEPH - If you know anything about me, you know I'm a world traveler. You might not know that I'm coconut crazy. Randomly I searched on Etsy for coconut edibles. This led me to Isaiah's shop. And I've been drooling ever sense. He's originally from Dominica. That means his baked offerings have a Caribbean flair. Typical fudge is creamy.  His coconut fudge has a grittier texture, something I've experienced with desserts from other parts of the world such as India and Guatemala. His fudge transports me to other places far far away from Los Angeles, where I current live. Recommended.

3. WOVENFINDS CO. - Lina from Woven Finds has been developing wonderful handbags with artisans in Morocco that are made from local palm. They're strong and fashionable. And she personally knows many of the artisans she works with since she was a kid. Her business is young. Yet she's so savvy when it comes to her new designs. She really has a pulse on what hip women want to carry. I've been toting around this small clutch when I don't need to carry the 'kitchen sink'. And I know, you know what I mean.  (Yes, that's a Dunitz bracelet I'm modeling with my purse!)

4. CRICKET N WILLOW, SUSAN PALOMINO - Are you crazy for handmade soap? Then do I ever had a great suggestion for you! Not only does Susan's soap smell great and last long, it is beautifully wrapped. (Each bar is ready for gift giving, assuming you don't keep everything you purchase for yourself, as I did!) She only uses organic and natural components when making her soap. And she has so many appealing soap choices you'll have a tough time deciding which one you want to try first. At least it was tough for me. (Yes, my bracelets again!) 

5. ALMA POTTERY, LAVINIA HANACHUIC - Lavinia has such a whimsical style. And she never rests on her laurels. She's always creating new and innovative things. The punch line: if you see something in her Etsy shop that interests you, snag it. Because next month you'll see she's creating something different. I have one of her pieces hanging out next to my stereo receiver. And every time I go to turn on my music, I can't help but smile.

6. CYNTHIA WEBB DESIGNS - I'm personally acquainted with Cynthia for many years since we "grew up" in the wholesale business together. We both sell to boutiques all over the USA. We both now also offer up our work on Etsy. Her amazing designs in pewter are sure to please, from framed wall art to 'room blessings', which to some resemble mezuzahs. I think her little tickets make the best gifts. And since mine were purchased and given away, I'm posting her photo. Who can't ever have enough hugs? Or give too many?

7. MUSTANG LEATHER SHOPPE, SANDY RACINE - When it comes to our doberman mascots, you KNOW I'm serious.  This is why when Stetson's collar fell apart this year, I was on a mission to find something handsome, unique and perfect for him. I found leather tooling expert extraordinaire Sandy from Ohio on Etsy. And now Stetson looks quite dapper as you can see in this photo. Sandy also knocks it out the park with her one-of-a-kind leather handbags. You can see more on her shop page.

8.  DUNITZ, NANCY DUNITZ - How can I NOT mention my own Etsy shop when sharing all of my other favorites?  So, once again, I ask that you visit the Dunitz Etsy page. As of this date, the earrings here have been my best seller on Etsy. I can't tell you why? Maybe my SEO for this item is perfect! And/or, as I always say, "everyone loves blue!" You could soon be wearing a pair of these beauties too. Heck, and the matching bracelet too :).

There you have it! My standout Etsy Finds - Loved & Tested. Of course I want you all to discover, love and wear Dunitz & Company's fair trade jewelry.  I also love the idea of you personally enjoying my Etsy favorites. -ND