Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Securing Kippot to a Bald Head. We've Been Asked.

Many of you are familiar with Dunitz & Company's fair trade Judaica collection. We believe our crochet, beaded & embroidered fair trade kippot designed for women are some of the most beautiful available. Guys shouldn't fret. We offer a few styles that are quite manly. Take our "Star of David" design, for example. For many years we've exclusively wholesaled our kippot. Now, we are also offering them at retail on Etsy, Amazon Handmade and Shop Dunitz. (Yes, pricing is in line with anything you'd pay from our retail partners.) But, here's the thing. It wasn't until we started retailing that we received inquiries about how a bald man might wear our designs.

Our research began. Dunitz & Company yarmulkes have always featured little braided straps on the underside that are perfect for hiding bobby pins or other clips. This is a terrific feature if you're a man or woman with hair.

I learned on line that some bald men choose to wear larger size kippot that fit over their entire head, something beanie-like. Others opt for suede kippot. I read that suede creates more friction so it sits more securely on a bald head. (I have no proof of this. Do we believe everything we read? Just don't bounce around too much, I'm guessing.)

And then there was the obvious answer. But, seriously, it didn't easily present itself when researching on line. No, not super-glue. Not even velcro. (Although this seems a more plausible solution.)  The easy solution is double-sided fashion tape. There seems to be many brands and variations available. Rolls. Strips. And duh! Men have been using double-sided tape for their toupees since forever. This is the perfect solution to secure a kippot on a bald head. The roll shown to the right is by 3M.  A quick search online will reveal that this sort of tape is readily available and not expensive.

So now we all know how to secure a kippa to a bald man's head. It's such an easy solution. And obviously by the questions I've received, I'm not the only one who didn't have the answer.  Manly kippot? We've got 'em.  Looking for a yarmulke for your guy-pal? Whether he's bald or not, please consider Dunitz & Company's fair trade Judaica collection. -ND