Monday, September 10, 2018

15 Fair Trade Fashion Companies You Want to Know

Recently, I've read lots and lots of posts written by ethical and sustainability bloggers. It's amazing how much I've learned about zero-waste and thrift shopping. I've been pinning and tweeting left & right. I've also discovered numerable lists circulating of recommended fashion companies offering ethical and sustainable designs. Of course I'm always looking to see if Dunitz & Comany's fair trade jewelry is listed. Dunitz & Company is a long time proud and verified member of Fair Trade Federation. I'm also well acquainted with several other Fair Trade Federation member companies that you all should know about. Here is my list of 15 fashion and jewelry companies, all Fair Trade Federation members, all offering well designed jewelry, accessories or clothing. Each has a website where you can make purchases direct. Each also actively wholesales to stores throughout US and Canada.

In alphabetical order 15 fabulous fair trade and ethical fashion resources:

1. Abrazo Style - Clothing and accessories handmade in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Abrazos is best known for their stunning hand-embroidered cotton blouses and dresses. (I'm embroidery crazy, and drool over there blouses.) They also offer hand woven scarves, totes and a small jewelry collection worth checking out.

2. Aid Through Trade - Seed bead jewelry ethically handmade in Nepal. Over 50 artisans create the roll-on bracelets many of you have come to own and love. Available in more colors than you can dream of.  (I also must mention that in the early 90s, Aid Through Trade and Dunitz & Company were among the very few businesses offering seed bead jewelry designs in the US marketplace. Yes, we're friendly competitors. We learned over time that many retailers sold designs from both companies.)

3. CAUSEGEAR - Offers a complete line of handbags, some leather, others made from canvas and handcrafted in India.  CAUSEGEAR not only produces fabulous products, they also aid both women and men with self-sustaining jobs which often assist these workers out of trafficking situations. Check out this company for the coolest guitar straps too.

4. Dunitz & Company - Offers some of the finest quality and fashion forward glass seed bead, embroidered & fused glass jewelry available today. Dunitz has been working with artisans in Guatemala since 1989 and their designs range from sophisticated to sassy and Victorian to ethnic. They also have a lovely fair trade Judaica kippot collection.

5. Global Mamas - Thinking of cool batik clothing? Then Global Mamas is your answer. They've been working with and supporting women in Ghana since 2003 and offer a host of clothing options for women, men and kids.

6. JOYN - Offers a full line of outstanding handbags and totes. Many with leather. Many vegan. Their creations often incorporate traditional weaving and block printing techniques. The men and women
that create this expansive line live and work in various regions of India.

7. Liz Alig - A fashion label producing ethical clothing from fabric to sewing. Liz Alig designs their very hip collection in the US using recycled, organic and handwoven fabrics.  They then partner with NGOs and fair trade organizations to produce the clothing in several countries in Central America and South Asia.

8. Maggie's Organics -  Founded in 1992 based upon the premise that clothing and accessories should be comfortable, durable and affordable, and should be produced in such a way that respects and protects our planet’s resources and the lives of those who make the products. (I've always been crazy for their fun assortment of socks.) Search their site to discover ponchos, leggings, clothing and options for children.

9. Malia Designs - This handbag company works with women in Cambodia with a social mission to fight human trafficking. They offer a really cool assortment of satchels created from recycled cement and feed bags.  You'll also discover a lovely collection of wallets and clutches made with traditional ikat fabrics when you search their site.


10. muichic -  A sustainable and organic tagua jewelry collection designed in Vermont and ethically handmade in Colombia. muichic's collection is colorful, lightweight and affordable. Tagua is often referred to as vegetable ivory because it has the feel and look of ivory. (My motto is save an elephant however and whenever you can.)

11. MZ - MZ's goal is to perpetuate the beautiful traditions of the Zapotec artisans of Oaxaca by connecting them to socially conscious consumers around the globe. And they've been quite successful doing just that. MZ's handwoven bags combine traditional indigenous designs with modern color palettes.

12. Passion Lilie - Designed in New Orleans and ethically produced in India. The Passion Lilie collection offers a wide selection of clothing choices for both women and men. Some of their clothing designs are created with traditional block printed fabrics while others use ikat handwovens.

13. Raven + Lily - I'm completely wowed by the wide assortment of sophisticated offerings of this ethical vendor. You'll find cool jewelry, handbags and clothing made by women artisans from too many countries around the globe to count. Just as all other providers on this list of 15, Raven + Lily's goal is to break the cycle of poverty through equitable trade.

14. Sevya - I've been acquainted with the women behind Sevya for many years and absolutely adore their scarves and tunics. Their fair trade accessories are made by artisan groups in India using centuries-old craft traditions including hand-loom, block-printing, tie-dye and embroidery. Sevya designs are crafted with natural fibers and eco-friendly dyes.

14. Victoria Road - This company collaborates with emerging women designers and skilled craftsmen in Lahore, Pakistan to create modern, sophisticated fashion for globally savvy women and children. The collection is really sharp and you can even snag some amazing deals in their Sample Sale section.

So there you have it! A list of 15 fabulous designers and ethical companies, all verified members of Fair Trade Federation. Perhaps you already knew some of us. Maybe you didn't. I'm thrilled to have  planted the seeds that will encourage you to check us all out a bit more. Dunitz & Company fair trade jewelry is in such good company with all of these other vendors. -ND