Thursday, November 9, 2017

Steals & Deals - Dunitz Jackpot Jars

So as of today, Dunitz & Company is pilot testing some new offerings to our wholesale customers. And for those retailers that take advantage, we'll call this a little bit of legal gambling. Of course, we think there is little risk. If you now log into Dunitz & Company's wholesale catalog, in the Closeouts & Specials section you'll find a link to Jackpot Jars. OK - not all of these special deals are in jars. We'll be showcasing Jackpot Boxes, Jackpot Jugs and other containers too! Each will be designated with a random number. Each will be filled with random fair trade jewelry.

As many of you know, I've been designing and wholesaling fair trade jewelry since the early 90's. Every six months we change up all of our colors. Every six months we introduce a host of new designs. Sometimes we have designs that Dunitz & Company sells oodles and oodles of. Even then, we eventually retire those designs. Other times we have designs that bomb.  Sometimes they under-perform because our costs are too high and we can't offer them at a competitive price allowing for successful reselling. Other times, we introduce something that just doesn't excite our wholesale customers. We've also learned over time that what a wholesale customer responds to doesn't always jive with what a retail customer sees. (I've learned this over the years at some retail charity sales I've participated in.)

Bottom line. Dunitz & Company has been around for a really long time.  And we have an office with bins filled with beautiful jewelry that our customers never see.  For this reason, we decided to test market Jackpot Jars. These will be containers of all sizes filled to the brim with some of our older designs. Remnants from season's past.

The first handful of Jackpot Jars are on the site now.  Our customers will never know specifically what they will find. We provide you measurements of the container and a few hints.  For instance, our first jars are primarily filled with fall colored earrings. We also state what the original wholesale value of the contents were. And finally, you'll see that we've slashed our prices way below our actual costs. That's right, way below our costs. That's the point. We might clean up our shelves a bit. Even if a purchaser only sells a few items from any given jar, they will be a winner. Make sense?

This Key Lime Pie cookie tin is a work in progress.  Because of its size, it most likely will be filled with earrings. Going forward, we may be decorating brown shipping cartons. Bracelets and necklaces take up a lot more room. We'll be improvising with this project.

So steal some Dunitz & Company fair trade jewelry for your shop. Roll the dice. We think you'll be happy you decided to gamble...just a little bit. -ND