Monday, June 19, 2017

Fair Trade Fashion Trend Finder

Each week I receive a pitch from Accessories magazine soliciting on-trend items for their 'trend finder' email blasts. And each time I read their emails, I think "Dunitz & Company has that!" We have the perfect fair trade fashion accessory for their fashion trend finder story.  So far, we have not paid to be part of their email blasts. I do wonder if it makes sense. (If you've read their blasts and use their recommendations for your wholesale purchasing, let us know!)

Next week, Accessories with blast about chokers with charms or pendants. An image of the newest Joanie M choker which will debut next month popped into my head. Here's a teaser pic. It looks like Dunitz & Company is right on trend. This new fair trade choker will be available in 12 colors. That's a suede adjusting band with a teardrop pendant. And, yes, you can always order earrings to coordinate.

Recently, Accessories was looking for images (and ad$) to share hipster pins and patches with their list. You know what clicked in my brain. Yes! Dunitz has fabulous fair trade pins. They're perfect for a lapel, a neckline or all over your jacket.We're all about being on target with trend finder. And our pins shown here----> are embroidered too. You guessed it. Accessories recently wanted embroidered accessories for another recent blast. Keep reading.

You already know it! Dunitz & Company features embroidery in many of our designs. Many of our artisans were raised with a needle in their hands. Embroidery is prominently featured in traditional clothing. We have always been inspired by and embrace the cultural identity of our workers. It only seems right to use their natural skills to create gorgeous fair trade accessories. This season we decided to create accessories and bracelets (shown here>>>) embroidered on denim.  Guess what? Accessories magazine wanted to blast about accessories made with denim. Gosh Dunitz is consistently on target! (Am I tooting our horn just a little too much?)

We're showing all sorts of designs embroidered on denim these days. For fall, we're going darker and more monochromatic. Here's a sneak peek of a necklace you can order for Fall.  Did you guess where this might be going? The green colors are reminiscent of camouflage and military colors, both trending for Accessories. Ooooo, this puzzle is quite fun. What is next?

For Fall 2017 we absolutely projected that military and camouflage colors would be "big"! To make sure you'll all be covered, we will be offering our entire beaded collection in a color combo that follows this trend. We don't want to show off all of our new intros for fall just yet. Here --> you can see some hoop earrings we successfully sold for the current season. They're coming back in army green. So, what is another trend Accessories pitched? Hoops! Yes! Hoop earrings.

Other trends. Metallics. Neutral Colors. Circular Shapes.  I'm sure I can find some stunners from our fair trade fashion to continue this fashion trend finder story. For now I'll stop and hope I've teased you enough to log into our wholesale or retail websites.  You can't lose. Thanks for reading. Thank you for being our customer. - ND