Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Not Always Black & White

We've followed a pattern. When we photograph our fair trade jewelry for our website we almost always photograph our collections on a white background. We do this because we think it best shows off our baubles.  If our designs are created with white colored beads or glass - we tend to use a beige or taupe background. Visit Dunitz & Company wholesale and retail websites and you will see this consistently. To the right you'll see a couple of our favorite designs that use vintage components including old buttons, coins and watch faces. The white background is perfect!

This pattern of ours continues when we photograph our collections each season with models. We always make sure our fashionistas are wearing solid colored tops. And yes, most often we prefer black and/or white. As you see here, these lovely women are modeling our vintage designs in those uniform colors. We've always thought that by wearing clothing that drifts into the background, one will focus on the jewelry. I must say, looking at this photo now, I hone in on big brown eyes and playful facial expressions first.  And yes, I've looked at these images 100s of times. What do you see first or second?

Yesterday an up and coming fashion blogger emailed me some photos of her wearing one of our brightly colored necklaces on a floral blouse. (Soon, I'll write another post about 20-somethings blogging about our fair trade jewelry. Stay tuned.) It registered. Our fair trade designs look amazing on multi-colored and patterned clothing.  From time to time, we ask our artisans in Guatemala, the women that create our beautiful wares to model with the jewelry they've made.  It's fun for them and us.  And from time to time you've seen us post these photos on social media. Click! These shots are amazing. And our artisans are always wearing brightly handwoven and embroidered traditional huipils. This just validates that it doesn't always need to be black & white. Sometimes it should be grey. Or boldly colored. Or floral or checkerboard. What do you think? -ND