Thursday, August 4, 2016

Do You See or Feel?

When you're looking at models wearing hip clothing and/or jewelry what do you see or feel?  Do you see the items being worn?  Do you capture the "feeling" of any given shot and note the emotions it brings out in you?  Do you long to look like or feel like you think the model feels in the photo?  As a recent photographer of models wearing Dunitz & Company fair trade jewelry, I wonder what I most want to convey to my audience.  What do they want to really see and feel?
Recently I showed some of my photography to an old time Hollywood actor friend of mine.  His initial reaction was to say that I should want people to look at the jewelry and not the models.  He was afraid that models could be too pretty and distracting.  And then I reflected on so many magazine spreads I've enjoyed that seemed to merely evoke emotions - not necessarily pitch a specific item.  What do you think? -ND