Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Logo for Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade Federation unveiled a new logo a few days ago at the annual FTF conference. 

Why now?  FTF has been working fearlessly to distinguish what members do differently - beyond what many participating in fair trade do. FTF developed the 360° fair trade message to capture FTF members' deep, long lasting and holistic partnerships with artisans and farmers.  Our prior logo didn't adequately reflect the depth and richness of 360° fair trade. 

Why this design? The new logo reflects the very essence of 360° fair trade. The circular mark created by four interdependent hands powerfully communicates the holistic cooperation, across cultures and geographies, that defines FTF membership.

Look carefully. You will see the four hands swirling in a circular movement. Each is decorated differently.  I must confess, when I first looked (and look) at the logo I saw the blank space in the center which appears like swimming snakes.  I've been re-educating my brain to see the hands first.

You will find FTF member using this logo on their websites, social media and other marketing materials.  Some of us hang the logo proudly in our trade show booths.  With our old logo, it had to be presented as black text on a white background.  We can now present the new and current logo with black or white text - on different color backgrounds.  The attached photo illustrates the flexibility members will have going forward when they present the logo. - ND