Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Judaica - An Ongoing Challenge

A handful of years ago, I decided to start a Judaica Collection.  I was certain I could do it.  What I learned very quickly's NOT that easy.  Initially I designed some higher end and beautiful beaded pieces, with Star of David iconography in fashion colors.  I also designed a line of kippot in fashion colors.  I learned almost immediately that the synagogue gift shows absolutely did NOT want fashion colors.  Everything needed to be neutral.  Neutral blues. Neutral blacks & greys. Neutral cream and beige.  I also learned that pricing for the most part was key.  I was told over and over by volunteer buyers that they could not sell anything that was expensive.  It put the kabosh on most of my initial designs.  Since then, I've reworked my kippot collection - focusing on more conservative colors.  My little row of Stars of David bracelet seems to be the design with selling legs.

Fall 2014. Voila! I've been designing a wonderful collection for my specialty boutique and museum customers.  Dunitz has introduced loads of necklaces and bracelet featuring "world coins."  People are digging it. I intuitively knew my Judaica customers would love these pieces too....if only I could secure LOTS and lots of shekel coins.  Success.  It didn't happen immediately.  But, now I have a source in Israel shipping me lots of out-of-date Israeli coins.  I was amazed how many synagogue gift shops purchased these designs for Chanukah gift buying.  It's been one of the few times that although many of the buyers balked on price - they purchased just the same. Now - that's a huge compliment.  Are you ready?  We can send you pieces with "world coins" or "shekels"! -ND