Monday, July 14, 2014

Recycled Newspaper --> Turns into Jewelry

On my most recent trip to Guatemala, I spearheaded a new collection for Dunitz.  We'll be debuting a new collection made from recycled newspapers at the summer trade shows.  I find it fun, challenging and quite rewarding each time I help mastermind a new project.  This one is particularly unique. It is the first time we are employing a community of people that are mentally and physically challenged. I've always been familiar with Adissa, a NGO located in Santiago Atitlan.  They have a school on the property. And there are several men and women of many ages that find some employment there.  Of course, what they do depends greatly on their abilities.
So who is helping us clean, cut and prep the paper for jewelry making. There's Diego, David, Salvador #1, Salvador #2, Alicia, Joshua, Filipe, Jose & Tono. It feels great that these people are not only getting a bit more work because of this new project - it also makes them feel useful and important. I'm thrilled. -ND