Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Questions about Social Media

As I was tweeting this morning, I started to question various aspects of Social Media. I have a personal "Facebook" page...which is 100% personal. I have a business "Facebook" page which I use to communicate with Dunitz & Company clients and fans of Dunitz jewelry. I tweet. My Twitter account (profile: @nbdobd) represents me. My tweets include those of personal interest and many that relate to my business. The lines on Twitter are blurred. However, I don't tweet about anything that doesn't reflect on me in a way I wouldn't want to be seen. I have found it an excellent way to solidify relationships with people I work with. (I do have a few "colleagues" that use Twitter.)
What I've come to realize is I LOVE LOVE LOVE having new Twitter followers and new fans (thumbs up folks) attached to my business Facebook page. I confess, It's an ego boost. They don't come easily. The more I tweet, the more people follow me. This same relationship does not apply to business Facebook pages. And, the more I tweet, even though I occasionally tweet about the Dunitz Facebook page, tweeters don't give us the thumbs up on Facebook. I do realize that many of the people that follow me on Twitter are curious about what I have to report. Cynical me believes most people who decide to follow me are hoping I'll follow back -- just so they can increase their follower numbers. This has never been my Twitter strategy. I tend to follow business' I support, topics I'm interested in and my customers, if I can find them.
Facebook works the same for me. Nancy (personal FB page) gives the thumbs up to all retailers (that have biz FB pages I can find) that buy Dunitz jewelry for their stores. For me it is fun to watch what they report. Occasionally, I post something on their page. It seems that 92% of the time, the retailers don't follow the Dunitz Facebook page. This is always curious to me. I cross promote when I can. Whenever I can get pics from my retailers, I post their photos and assorted links on the Dunitz page. So- if any Dunitz retailers are reading this blog. EMAIL ME YOUR PHOTOS OF DUNITZ JEWELRY DISPLAYS and I promise to give you a plug - both on Facebook & Twitter. Hey maybe one or two of you will follow or give the thumbs up today...which will result in a (small) ego rub. More to come on this topic...for sure! - ND