Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fire was Over Before it Started

I'd say there was a bit more excitement at the office today then any of us would like. We were experiencing strange power surges over a couple of minutes. My thought was to go power down the computers. Bang Bang, ring, ring. A neighbor was shouting there was a fire on the roof of the building. I was at the front of the office where I could easily grab my dog and purse and run out the building. I could see some sparks, smoke and a small flame. With the Santa Ana winds today, we're quite lucky the flame didn't jump. An ambulance that just happened to be across the street called 911. I also called 911. I also banged on my landlords door downstairs to get him out of his residence. It seemed that the engines took forever to arrive. The winds were blowing the low limbs of an over grown tree over the power lines where they connect to the house. The firemen cut the lines. Other than that, there doesn't appear to be any damage. I'm so thankful. The only casualty are my reading glasses that fell off in the excitement and were smashed by the fire truck. Who knows when DWP will show up to run new wires. So, for now Dunitz & Company has no power. We're slaves to electricity. Forced vacation. I'm now home --- and what I am doing? -- not vacationing LOL. I'm writing this blog. This has NOT been my day. I also received a jury summons for December..... ND