Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I'm getting ready to take off for Las Vegas via 210 and 215 -- I know my treat will be waiting for me when I check into the Doubletree Hotel. Yup - a big juicy chocolate chip cookie. These treats have been on my brain for days. And I've done nothing to squelch my desire. I haven't baked nor been to a bakery. You may be wondering why I would write about these sweets on a business oriented blog. Me too. Perhaps it is important to see other sides of the woman behind the business. LOL. Chocolate chip cookies go way back....way way back. I baked all the time as a youngster. My brother always begged me to make chocolate chip cookies. If I wanted to be in his good gracious, I always knew what to do. Throughout high school and college, my reputation continued. (Proof: my dorm ID card from University of Michigan.) I'd hear"I'll give you a back massage if you bake cookies." Loser bakes over a racquetball game. I still bake from time to time....but not like I used to. My brother would have me think my talents are getting rusty. (Don't think so.) I might add though, I'd like to pass the torch. My nephew also makes GREAT cookies. Dreaming away. I'll be in Vegas later today. ND